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    We need to be able to use conditional logic based on the product quantity.

    e.g. if Product Quantity = Greater Than/Less Than/Equal to etc...

    Also, repeatable fields. (Being able to put them in a table would be amazing).

    We need to take information for every unique item based on the quantity selected.

    The only way I see to do this is a convoluted setup of setting products to only sell one only on the product page, then to add a range picker in the add-ons and use it to replace the native product quantity. then, i've had to create invisible radio fields (hidden by css) that act as a price for options selected and use a formula based on the range picker. I've then setup upto 20 of the same sections which use conditional logic to appear based on the value of the range picker.

    Its complex, hard to work with, and limits fields to the suitability of using the range picker UI.

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