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  • greg

    Love the plug in, but one issue that I noticed was that the conditional formatting works off the label of the option. If you have just an image, you can't use if for conditional formatting (unless I am wrong on this, didn't seem to be available.) So, two thoughts on what might work well for the plug in in general.

    1) have a non-visible label type text box to use for conditional logic. That way, the label the user sees might be "gold", but the label used for conditional logic might be "gold option s4 c4, etc".

    2) have the ability to use conditional logic by looking for a partial string in the same text box.
    Using the above example above, the conditional logic could be triggered by "C4" being part of the text box rather than the existing options of an exact match or empty/not empty. (ie, add the option of "contains")

    I have no idea how difficult the 2nd part is on the back end but these two changes would add to the flexibility for sure.

    I'm working around these right now but they seemed like good additions to a good plug in.

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