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  • cubefree

    We are using Heading type elements with conditional logic to display a customer a drawing as they select a sauna ... after they choice in check boxes, radio boxes, etc.

    It would be very nice to have an additional field that places a code for the image,
    e.g. 4x6PF-LWHR3B in the woocommerce order -- IDEALLY, the code only shows the drawing actually displayed (NOT all the hidden ones too)

    this indicates to us, that the customer chose the drawing 4x6 sauna, prefab, door on the Long Wall, Heater on the RIGHT, 3 benches.
    IF this info were part of the Woocommerce order, then I can quickly do a search for "4x6PF-LWHR3B" in our image library and use this in our production process.

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