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    Hello themecomplete;

    You have an outstanding plugin. It is very obvious that a lot of time, thought and planning has been invested in it. You back that up with astounding support.

    I asked about being able to have a single place where I can maintain the Radio Button elements that I use for Quantities and Prices.

    I think that you have essentially all of the functionality needed already in Extra Product Options.

    Extra Product Options already can be backed up and updated using a csv file. Each csv file has all of the same columns. What changes is the rows. Each row in the csv file represents an element in the Global Form.

    Each Global Form can be reused and assigned to any number of Products, Product Categories, etc.

    Why can't you have Global Elements that can also be reused within any number of Global Forms?

    If we could build reusable Global Elements, when we build a Global Form, we could build our Global Form using a combination of regular Elements or Global Elements.

    When we update a Global Element, it would update all of the elements in all of the Global Forms where it is assigned.

    You know how to best accomplish this. I think of each Global Element as being a copy of a 1 row csv file. There would be an Element ID for the Global Element.

    Every individual Element would have an Element ID - just like it does now. But the Element ID of any given individual Element might be linked to a Global Element ID. Every Global Element ID would have a list of the individual Element IDs it is assigned to

    In every Element, there would be a Settings tab with a field that says "Include A Global Element" like there is in the Extra Product Options tab on every Product. In that field, there would be a list of all of the existing Global Elements.

    If we want to use a Global Element in a Global Form, we simply click on 1 of the Global Elements in the list. When we click on a Global Element, the logic grey's out all of the fields and settings in the element. The individual Element basically becomes an exact copy of the Global Element. In essence, the logic copies that 1 row csv file for the Global Element into the individual Element.

    If changes are made to a Global Element, The Global Element saves those changes and then in the background pushes the 1 row csv file out to all of the individual Element IDs assigned to it.

    Having Global Elements would expand the market for your plugin. In my opinion, you should continue to sell the existing Extra Product Options Plugin at the current price and then sell the Extra Product Options Global Elements Addon for the same price again.



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